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My Five Things Semptember 2012
No Fat Talk Tuesday: Justine’s Story February 2012
The Post Graduate Flail – Transitions (Vol. III- Justine L.) January 2012
{Happy Sighs – Why We Wed: Justine December 2011}
The Simple Dude – Surviving An Office Annoyance December 2011
Man Wife & Dog – Meet A Wife Monday: Funny Girl Justine and Her Man Drop By October 2011

Long Island Pulse Magazine |
{“On the Up and Up” March 2014}
Flora of the Future” March 2014
Mastering the Mudroom” March 2014
{“Blowing Up” February 2014}
Smart Security” February 2014
Good Grief” January 2014
High-End Bath on a Budget” January 2014
Deck the Halls” November 2013
Bidding on a Bungalow” November 2013
The Heart of Your Home” November 2013
Think Outside the Box (Store)” November 2013
Short on Stock” October 2013
Cooler Weather, Hotter Deals” August 2013

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia |
{“Arrested Development Premiere Party Menu” May 2013}
How to Plan a Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Party” December 2012
Handmade Gift Ideas for Procrastinators” December 2012

Your Beauty Advisor | Skin We’re In & Get Tressed
{“How to NOT Wash Your Hair for 6 Days” September 2012}
The Best Summer Foods for Your Skin” August 2012
Extend the Life of Your Pedicure” August 2012
5 Natural Sunburn Remedies” September 2012
3 MORE Simple (Delicious) DIY Face Masks” September 2012

The Huffington Post Weddings
4 Steps for Getting Through Wedding Withdrawal” August 2012
{“What Working At A Wedding Planning Website Taught Me About Planning A Wedding” July 2012}
3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Movie-Themed Wedding” June 2012
4 Lessons Mothers-In-Law Could Learn From Mine” May 2012
{“The 4 Women You Don’t Have To Invite To Your Bachelorette Party” May 2012} and The Knot for, Yahoo! Shine, & McClatchy News
{“20 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip” October 2010}
“Wedding Colors: Top 5 Wedding Color Mistakes” October 2010
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“Thinking of Cutting Video? Read this first.” September 2010
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“Fall Wedding Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)” September 2009
“Not-Quite-Perfect Marriage Proposals of 2009”
December 2009
“Engagement Ring Budget Tips”
December 2009
‘s Celebrity Wedding Blog

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s Wedding
August 2009
Rachel McAdams’ Time Traveler Wedding Dress — Found!
August 2009
Drink Like a Celebrity at Your Wedding — Bottoms Up!
September 2009

Too Shy To Stop

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December 2008
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January 2009
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December 2008
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December 2008
Role Models More Than a Variation on a Theme?
December 2008

Diabetes Health

{Diabetes and Eating Disorders Come Together as Bulimia May 2008}
Finding Community in Diabetes Blogs July 2008
Woman Loses 134 Pounds in One Year
December 2008