My name is Justine, and I would like to work with you.

I’m a writer and editor. I’ve written for publications ranging from beauty websites to home décor glossies, architectural trade magazines to wedding planning blogs. I have an insatiable curiosity for the world at large, but my freelance work specializes in the areas of wellness, fitness, profiles, and style. But don’t just take my word for it.

I’m a social media pro. I’ve helped newly launched brands carve engaging social presence and iconic personalities become the heaviest social hitters. Need help crafting your social voice? Baffled by Facebook’s algorithm? Just not quite sure what a tweet really is? Let’s chat.

I’m a digital engagement specialist. Because talking to your customers so rarely happens face-to-face. From email newsletters to editorial and blog posts, let me help you find the best way to break into new audiences and turn your existing fans into loyal advocates. Let’s talk strategy.

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